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Symposium Tour
July 24 - 26, 2017
1 Full-Day Event
Receive 7 PD Points
Who Is This Symposium Designed For?
Accounting Professionals who are looking for cost-effective
solutions to help grow their practice.
Goal Of The Symposium
The Accounting Practitioners Symposium is an information resource for Accounting Professionals to examine bringing
together different technology to create a simplified and streamlined office process to help grow your business.
Throughout the full-day Symposium, leading industry experts will be sharing life experiences with a focus on the common
issues that Accounting Professionals face on a daily basis and will provide cost-effective solutions to overcome these issues
to help move your business forward
Identify the
all Accounting Professionals
face when running a public
Examine the
and understand the impact that
the root causes have on your
time and growing revenue
Provide solutions
to the issues
that fit the real world applications
which are cost-effective and
realistic to implement
Symposium Details
July 24 - 26 9am - 5pm $139.50
Where? Pacific Gateway Hotel at Vancouver Airport
3500 Cessna Drive
Richmond, BC     V7B 1C7
7 PD Points
Topics We'll Be Covering At Symposium
July 24, 2017 - Cloud Technology
Richmond, BC
How to improve your practice by leveraging technology. Participants will create an action plan to leverage
technology in their growth.
We will specifically identify technology solutions that can streamline your firm, eliminate paper, and
ensure a great client experience every time. Technology is disrupting our industry, who has the time to
do the research and rebuild their firm on their own? We will collectively review cutting edge technology
and determine implementation priorities.
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July 25, 2017 - Marketing & Sales
Richmond, BC
How to attract, convert, and retain clients. We will build on the content from the cloud bookkeeping
blueprint and go into more depth.
Participants will leave with an understanding of the need for bookkeeping and an action plan to implement
it within their firm. The goal is to generate immediate revenue growth that is consistent, predictable, and
manageable. This sessions will include an action plan for short-term (immediate), mid-term (2 to 3 months),
and long-term growth.
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July 26, 2017 - Building A Better Firm
Richmond, BC
Focusing on best practices for building a better firm. We will specifically cover workflow and operations.
Participants will receive a workflow template that they can adapt to their own firms.
Identify bottlenecks in your workflow and create an action plan to eliminate them. Do you have the right
team? Do you have the right technology? What could you do better to improve your operations? Do you
have documented systems and processes that are followed consistently?
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